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How are you capitalizing off of your product, project or event? Do you know what it takes to get from your starting point to the end? Do you understand all of the elements needed in order to build a team to help you achieve your goals?  These are a few questions that will receive clarity with strategic planning sessions.

Once we help you define your mission its time set your goals, desired outcomes, strategies, measures, targets and results. Planning sessions will help you to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issues that may arise during your projects process.

Common Needs

  • Album or EP Release
  • Launch Event
  • Yearly or Quarterly Career Mapping
  • Tour Preparation
  • Artist Development
  • Team Building


$100 an hour

Packages are available upon request

* Don’t see what you’re looking for. Shoot us an email. We may still be able to assist. 

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